Sustainable Water Management with IoT

From smart home, smart cities and many other fields Internet of Things (IoT) is helping enormously to achieve efficiency and better management of assets. It is time to associate IoT with water utilisation to ensure proper management for conserve water resources. Studies from the United Nations Development Programme highlights that poor water management is leading to water scarcity, and the situation will be worse if the water is not managed efficiently. To ensure water sustainability. for the long run, IoT capabilities can help a lot to achieve this, so let’s dive deep to find out how IoT can help toward smart water management.

Smart water management

A combination of different devices connected together wit analysis and report available on a single platform create a smart water management solution. Smart Water management is about using water conveniently without the least wastage through leaks and other reasons. Moreover, when we talk about smart water management it is also about increasing the quality of water, water pressures, levels,temperature, and many other critical factors that fall in the domain.

IoT real time information for  water management system

IoT platforms provide real time information about the water system enable to take smart decision at the perfect time without delays. Accordingly with smart sensors in IoT system, the water management system requires least human intervention to et tins done correctly.  

Another benefit of real time data, is to detect issues earlier and also to predictive  of failures that do not cause damage. For example avoiding i water pressures tat mint ave lead pipes breakage or machine damage.

If your water system is required maintenance, IoT sensors prompt you in advance about the correct time maintenance needs to be done. Real time information can help to prevent damages in the water system wic automatically create saving benefit and also enables to take smart decisions.

When you entire water system is well monitored, you will save in terms of energy, better operation and also less human intervention.

IoT sensors for better monitoring of assets

Sensors provide real time data to give signal  about the pressure of the water, pH temperature and many other things related to water and water resources.  A dashboard with different analytics enables to take smart decisions for your business, home, cities and other aspects. You will be able to have information about the water being consumed in a particular area, if there is leakage and  decisions can be taken towards better efficiency for water utilities.

Accordingly reservoirs or water tanks level can be monitored perfectly wit details about the level of water present and also information about  daily water consumption is also available.

Another great aspect will monitoring irrigation system to avoid wastage in tat segment. IoT sensors can determine when your plantation need irrigation or not depending on the soil conditions and weather conditions. Your plantation ets  the right amount of water at appropriate time to the desired place wit IoT smart sensors.


Smart swimming pools! The next big happening of IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives simpler, from connected homes to millions of smart sensors, IoT has now reached the pool sector. It is transforming the pool sector with embedded sensors to provide numerous functionings and remote controlling. From Chemical balancing, temperature, filtration and much more, your swimming pool can be maintained and controlled by the touch of a button. To connect your pools with IoT enabled automated pool systems for the perfect experience of smartness.

The concept of IoT taking  care of your pool

Extending the possibilities of offering a connected home to your backyard is the new happening of IoT. If you are tired of doing pool maintenance in the traditional way or you’re paying someone to do it for you, so why not save time as well as money and shift to a smart IoT automated system for the pool. Making it easier and simpler to take care of your pool,  IoT sensors and platforms offer you a lot of intelligent and efficient option to control and maintain your swimming pool. From monitoring your water chemistry on a 24/7, temperature to filtration, everything can be monitored and communicated to your smartphone. Additionally, providers of in the smart pool sector are partnering with a chemical manufacturer to create single-dose, pre-measured water-soluble pods for pools that can be release and control via sensors. With everything connected to platforms that communicated to your smartphone, you will be notified when your pool needs maintenance, chemical filtration and you do not need an expert to do that for you.

IoT enabled automated pool systems

IoT is currently the talk of the town and its application has been extended to the pool sector for high benefits.  Today controlling our every life remotely is becoming an intelligent aspect given an increase in mobility. Avoiding the need to be present near a swimming pool to be able to control the same is the best proposition that smart swimming pool can provide you.

Owning a pool and maintenance it can now be more affordable with devices telling you to step by step about the maintenance required, and the optimum level of chemicals to add. You do not need an expert to do that and it saves you money. Moreover, you get full control of the chemical level of your pool and escape from skin irritation and can monitor the quality of water in your pool.

With data and information about the pool being communicated to platforms, you are able to manage the pool specification from anywhere via your smartphone. This information is displayed on easy-to-read charts and reports in which any incident or setting that should be checked are highlighted.

The IoT allows us to bring the smarts to your pool and enables a smart pool. The sensors are constantly monitoring 24/7, so you can look at your phone at any time and say, “Yeah, my pool is in good shape and this is what the temperature is.”

Building management system integrated with IoT solutions for greater level of efficiency and performance!

The new happening in the building sector is about smart, sustainable and efficient building environments. Traditional Building Management System (BMS), enabled create a connected environment between devices in building for better facility management and efficiency. However, in the modern era, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing Building Management System (BMS) to enhance further control with a host of new sensors and actuators deployable within a building, to deliver greater levels of detail and control. Let’s discover the add-ins that IoT brings to BMS towards more intelligent buildings.

Deploying IoT-based solutions to building management systems 

Traditional BMS deficiency has been providing an unconnected between devices BMS and wired connection. IoT upgrade the proposition of BMS towards wireless connectivity with precise details as a more connected environment within a building to deliver new functions and integrated further possibilities in the system.

From occupancy, air quality, humidity, lighting, and many more sensors can all provide new levels of environmental control in BMS when IoT is added. With the possibilities of controlling more facility management and devices in a building enables greater control as well as more efficiency and value proposals for commercial buildings, houses, apartments and other building spaces.

How IoT makes things better for BMS 

  • Faster recovery for investment with cost savings

when there is a higher level of efficiency within a building environment in terms of energy savings, lower labour costs, better device maintenance, long term usage and control of devices, the owner of the building has the possibility to recover the investment cost faster. Unnecessary maintenance cost can be avoided and the perfect utility of energy will reflect on your bills to reach an upper level of efficiency.

  • User-friendly 

The technology involved in IoT is wireless as well as user-friendly with better system interaction. Users can easily adapt to the system platform without the need of expertisation. Therefore with the ability to better understand the system enables better control and more reliability. This also eliminates huge training cost and time savings to adapt to the system.

  • Extended connection possibilities

IoT enables BMS seamless connect to different devices irrespective of manufacturing brand. Thus as and when as you bring in new devices in a building it can be connected with your BMS. The design friendly aspect is a game-changing technology that enlarges the possibilities for users.

  • Remote access options

If you are away from your building and want to remotely control over certain devices, IoT-based BMS makes it possible for you. Connected with mobile devices, you can get full control of your devices remotely ensuring the full functioning of your building and safety as well.

  • Energy savings translated cost savings

With the possibility of optimizing fan control, temperature control, sunlight control and much more possibilities, everything is controlled perfectly to create an energy-saving environment. As per the building requirement and environment, IoT based sensors adapt itself to create the perfect environment of the building by optimising energy usage.