To be ahead of the pack adopting innovative construction technology is a must !

August 28, 2019

At every level, from conceptual design, new materials and construction to maintenance, innovative digital devices, applications and methodologies are making their mark in the building industry. Technology is giving us a way to capture knowledge in this generation of “digital natives” which brings a new enthusiasm in the construction space. As projects around the world; become more challenging, new materials, new regulations, competition, higher efficiency and the drive for smart buildings, propel an ever-changing landscape that requires the construction industry to embrace technology to be successful.

 The construction industry is changing. Do not get left behind

 To improve the results and efficiency of complex projects in the construction industry, technology should be embraced by this sector. With more complex projects and higher requirements and expectations from clients, innovative tools should be adopted to be able to stay competitive in this industry. Today clients expect more transparency together with more involvement in the projects, with a tighter budget. All these specifications and requirements can be easily met with innovative tech like; automation, visualization, remote monitoring, robots and much more.

Construction technology guts

 Digital twins

The construction industry has the possibility to provide a virtual representation of projects with information and design with an innovative tool like Digital twin. A greater collaboration from engineers, data and other stakeholders to create an integrated way for every stakeholder to be informed of the progression of the project with everyone input at the correct timing.


Aerial visions are perfect for surveys and also remote monitoring. Moreover, the site can be supervised from remote and also undetected geological elements are discovered on site.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is that it means a partially rendered environment, not a fully virtual one. Projects can be marketed well in advance with possibilities of viewing the design and any other aspect of the building well before the project starts. Detailing tasks, safety alerts and other support can be decided in advance as well to minimize accidents and reduce the risk of inefficiency.

 New materials

Development of new materials is a necessity for many industries, with increasing demand for low-carbon and sustainable operations. To be in term with sustainable goals and standards. A  liquid form of titanium dioxide and its natural reaction to ultraviolet light, the material can remove free radicals and other pollutants from surfaces, air and water. Therefore, reversing pollution, dramatically improving air quality and enabling the slabs to stay cleaner for longer.


For many of us, robotics is a thing of fiction and film, They are already in use today though, in a range of sizes and niches. Robots can reduce tremendous workload and take an intelligent decision at the right time without being bias.

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