Smart swimming pools! The next big happening of IoT

September 12, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives simpler, from connected homes to millions of smart sensors, IoT has now reached the pool sector. It is transforming the pool sector with embedded sensors to provide numerous functionings and remote controlling. From Chemical balancing, temperature, filtration and much more, your swimming pool can be maintained and controlled by the touch of a button. To connect your pools with IoT enabled automated pool systems for the perfect experience of smartness.

The concept of IoT taking  care of your pool

Extending the possibilities of offering a connected home to your backyard is the new happening of IoT. If you are tired of doing pool maintenance in the traditional way or you’re paying someone to do it for you, so why not save time as well as money and shift to a smart IoT automated system for the pool. Making it easier and simpler to take care of your pool,  IoT sensors and platforms offer you a lot of intelligent and efficient option to control and maintain your swimming pool. From monitoring your water chemistry on a 24/7, temperature to filtration, everything can be monitored and communicated to your smartphone. Additionally, providers of in the smart pool sector are partnering with a chemical manufacturer to create single-dose, pre-measured water-soluble pods for pools that can be release and control via sensors. With everything connected to platforms that communicated to your smartphone, you will be notified when your pool needs maintenance, chemical filtration and you do not need an expert to do that for you.

IoT enabled automated pool systems

IoT is currently the talk of the town and its application has been extended to the pool sector for high benefits.  Today controlling our every life remotely is becoming an intelligent aspect given an increase in mobility. Avoiding the need to be present near a swimming pool to be able to control the same is the best proposition that smart swimming pool can provide you.

Owning a pool and maintenance it can now be more affordable with devices telling you to step by step about the maintenance required, and the optimum level of chemicals to add. You do not need an expert to do that and it saves you money. Moreover, you get full control of the chemical level of your pool and escape from skin irritation and can monitor the quality of water in your pool.

With data and information about the pool being communicated to platforms, you are able to manage the pool specification from anywhere via your smartphone. This information is displayed on easy-to-read charts and reports in which any incident or setting that should be checked are highlighted.

The IoT allows us to bring the smarts to your pool and enables a smart pool. The sensors are constantly monitoring 24/7, so you can look at your phone at any time and say, “Yeah, my pool is in good shape and this is what the temperature is.”

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