3D scanning a valuable tool for construction projects

August 21, 2019

Construction projects need accuracy, perfect measurement and quality designs to match the client requirements. 3D Scanning is a valuable tool for the construction industry to accomplish challenging projects and reducing reworks to keep the project on schedule and within budgets. With the possibility of detecting issues and faults before its work, 3D scanning helps to tackle wastage and saves money in your construction projects.

The benefits of 3d scanning for construction te sector

  • Reduced Rework: On a typical construction project, rework can account for up to 15 per cent of the cost of construction, but frequent 3D scanning can highlight any potential issues before they turn into change orders, reducing the risk for the main contractor.
  • Better Information Management During a Project: Scanning at set intervals makes it possible to document critical milestones, such as hand-offs between different trades, to compare work delivered with as-designed models and drawings for quality assurance.
  • Lower Overall Risk: The precise information reduces the scope of error which diminishes the chances of miscalculations, which further prevents unprecedented accidents from occurring. This implies the prevention of collision because the contractors can even plan the building material movement in the construction area.
  • Capture Existing Conditions in High Resolution: The technology, particularly, comes in handy during renovation projects wherein understanding what is to be done at the initial stage saves both time and money. Because of the technology, contractors can scan and preserve the image of a structure as it was during the initial phase.
  • Fewer Physical Site Visits: Datasets are accurate, measurable, and shareable, eliminating the need for any guesswork when not on site.
  • Speed, accuracy, and consistency: This technology provides a means of collecting millions of measurable data points, accurate to within 2mm, in just seconds.

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