Artificial Intelligence for better design of buildings through generative design

August 14, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides many potential openings and benefits for the construction sector. Among various benefits, AI brings in for construction the plan and design of a building for a 3D model-based process. Machine learning algorithms backed by AI enables to explore all the variations of a solution and generates design alternatives to match perfectly mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems while simultaneously making sure that the entire routes do not clash with the building architecture.

About Generative Design

Generative design is about designing a building by taking into consideration spatial requirements, materials, manufacturing methods, plumbing structuring, engineering aspects, electrical systems and cost constraints as well. Under generative design is about exploring all possible permutations to create the perfect building structure.

To create a perfect building structure while taking into consideration various aspects from the design to the cost involved in the construction of many data and testing as well as other aspects. Juggling with data and sourcing data from different sources can be perfectly managed and done by Artificial Intelligence technology. To derive a perfect generative design , AI helps in to cater more inputs as well as bias decision at the end together by taking into consideration loads of external data from third parties as well to come up to the optimal generative design proposal for the best of the building structure for the long run and sustainability of the building. 

When Generative Design is backed with Artificial Intelligence

With machine learning and  AI-like algorithms, the optimal design shape can be reached based on the parameters and data of the user input.  AI enables smart product tools to loops in information for building design. A combination of engineering aspect and designers approach will deliver more innovation and efficient building structures. Ultimately, this shortens the design and prototyping process and speeds up the time it takes for innovative building structures to hit the construction industry.

Moreover, the generative design takes into consideration the goals set by the designer for the building structure as well as looking at the best possible costs involved in producing the design. Embedding initial prototypes with sensors take this one-step further – the feeding back of data essentially allows the building to co-design itself.

AI system has the potential to generate conceptual building structures based on cross-referencing as well with various existing models and using object recognition to generate more innovative, efficient and sustainable structures. The set goals of parameters are well taken into consideration to meets clients requirements as well as cost constraints. WIth AI an optimal design structure is proposed meeting all the requirements.


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