An EC3 platform to keep the beat of the revolutionising Property Industry to match smart buildings assets management

October 12, 2018

Technology is revolutionizing, impacting upon the Property Industry and the future of buildings, and the management of assets cannot do away without Tech. The aspect of technology in the property industry “PropTech” goes well beyond wiring up buildings and replacing appliances. installing sensors but another crucial aspect is the management of assets.  An Enterprise Command Control Centre (EC3) has the power to manage your property assets intelligently to create smarter and more livable towns and cities.

An EC3 platform reshapes building environment
Smart technology that connects us to our surroundings is advancing faster than ever before, but improvements that could reshape the built environment have been held hostage by stubborn manual processes, restrictive physical infrastructure, and outdated paper solutions. Where others see a problem, DigiConsult sees an opportunity.
A radically new kind of data platform that unlocks the true potential of the smart devices around us, helps teams work together, creates an ecosystem of interconnected applications and fosters the growth of a more empowered workforce. An EC3 platform applies Internet Of Things (IoT ), artificial intelligence and machine learning to help asset managers run cutting-edge portfolios. 

Technology integration in properties is not complete without an EC3 platform  

A unified platform offers a single point of entry for operations and performance monitoring and is powered by a marketplace of integrated applications to help you accomplish more. Through new applications of data science and machine learning, an EC3 platform helps you predict and respond nimbly to changing conditions inside and outside your buildings, saving you time and money. 

Comfort and systems optimisation: Temperature is the arbiter of comfort for your tenants, but it can also be an indicator of something amiss. This information, delivered in a timely fashion, can prompt action before systems go past the point of correction. Put simply, this means that having some foresight into a looming issue may prevent damage and discomfort, and it may save the building owner a lot of money in the long run.

Preventative maintenance: In a break-fix environment, problems are often costly to fix because they are not addressed until the damage has already been done. Sensors that can detect leaks or other abnormalities contribute to proactive building management and maintenance.

Security: Keeping a building, its contents, and its tenants secure is of prime importance to building owners. Beacons that transmit data via a Bluetooth connection can be used both inside and outside the location, monitoring the area and delivering detailed insights to security personnel. Beacons can be highly personalized as well, meaning that management can know decisively who is in the building and where they are at any given time. This removes the onus of the facilities manager to keep eyes on staff, as all the information they need is at their fingertips.

Extend the range of facilities management: While a large, multi-tenant building can be a daunting task to manage, a connected building offers the opportunity to extend the expertise of the facilities manager. Since an EC3 can be managed remotely, it offers the possibility of overseeing several buildings rather than just one – which is a realistic way of being in many places at once. This can both improve consistency in management style and save money on payroll costs.

An easier way to manage assets: Asset management is a time-consuming and largely inefficient process. With an EC3 platform, a great deal of time is saved as the manager does not have to be present in order to manage inventory. Information such as inspection data, maintenance schedules, asset location and more can be managed from a device interface, freeing up management time to devote to higher-value tasks.

While these are just some of the ways smart buildings can support more efficient facilities management, the technology is cost-effective and well within reach. To help manage assets like elevators, HVAC systems, electrical systems, building security, parking allocation, and more, the possibilities are well worth exploring.

Developing technology-driven solutions for the management and operations of commercial buildings / other premises and with a focus on upcoming smart buildings is the emphasis laid by DigiCosult EC3 platforms. Besides, operational efficiency, the asset-life cycle of plant and equipment, and other installed furniture and fittings and leveraging upon data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other allied technologies are the salient features which are borne in mind. Contact us on +230 1636 or via email at


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