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Sustainable Water Management with IoT

From smart home, smart cities and many other fields Internet of Things (IoT) is helping enormously to achieve efficiency and better management of assets. It is time to associate IoT with water utilisation to ensure proper management for conserve water resources. Studies from the United Nations Development Programme highlights that poor water management is leading […]

Smart swimming pools! The next big happening of IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives simpler, from connected homes to millions of smart sensors, IoT has now reached the pool sector. It is transforming the pool sector with embedded sensors to provide numerous functionings and remote controlling. From Chemical balancing, temperature, filtration and much more, your swimming pool can be maintained and […]

Building management system integrated with IoT solutions for greater level of efficiency and performance!

The new happening in the building sector is about smart, sustainable and efficient building environments. Traditional Building Management System (BMS), enabled create a connected environment between devices in building for better facility management and efficiency. However, in the modern era, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing Building Management System (BMS) to enhance further control […]

To be ahead of the pack adopting innovative construction technology is a must !

At every level, from conceptual design, new materials and construction to maintenance, innovative digital devices, applications and methodologies are making their mark in the building industry. Technology is giving us a way to capture knowledge in this generation of “digital natives” which brings a new enthusiasm in the construction space. As projects around the world; […]

3D scanning a valuable tool for construction projects

Construction projects need accuracy, perfect measurement and quality designs to match the client requirements. 3D Scanning is a valuable tool for the construction industry to accomplish challenging projects and reducing reworks to keep the project on schedule and within budgets. With the possibility of detecting issues and faults before its work, 3D scanning helps to […]

Artificial Intelligence for better design of buildings through generative design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides many potential openings and benefits for the construction sector. Among various benefits, AI brings in for construction the plan and design of a building for a 3D model-based process. Machine learning algorithms backed by AI enables to explore all the variations of a solution and generates design alternatives to match perfectly […]

Architecture goes beyond space and visual, to Architectural acoustic

In Architecture, the visual experience is always regarded as a dominant perception and remains the main concern to designers. The tool of visualization probably came out first and becomes the primary mode of design thinking in practice. However, all individuals give form and definition to the world through multiple senses. Acoustics in architectural impacts many […]

Electrochromic Smart Glass: an intelligent salient feature of smart sustainable buildings

A smart sustainable building should ensure that every element of the building collaborate together to create the green-building initiative. To smarten up the possibilities and abilities of a smart building towards energy efficiency, Electrochromic Smart Glass (ESG) is the perfect fit for windows and glass coverage. Green building initiatives commit towards using clean technology for […]

Smart Water Management using Internet of Things Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) can improve data collection together with deep analytics to support proactive decision making in real-time for water management. A Smart Water Management system increases the efficiency of water utilities towards a more resilient water supply system impacting positively on costs and sustainability. Digital meters and sensors are among the high tech […]

5G technology will bring a next level of revolution to the whole society

The click to your mind when you hear about 5G is faster speeds, lower latency and many other benefits. Businesses, Gamers, Live streamers and other stakeholders hold on your gear as 5G technology will revolutionize the way things are being done.5G will unleash a wave of innovation, marking a major step forward for complete digital […]