Electrochromic Smart Glass: an intelligent salient feature of smart sustainable buildings

July 31, 2019

A smart sustainable building should ensure that every element of the building collaborate together to create the green-building initiative. To smarten up the possibilities and abilities of a smart building towards energy efficiency, Electrochromic Smart Glass (ESG) is the perfect fit for windows and glass coverage. Green building initiatives commit towards using clean technology for energy conservation and ESG complies smartly toward a greener environment.

About Electrochromic Smart Glass

ESG potential lies in changing its properties according to the environment. With high tech glass, the properties of the glass can change from clear, opaque, tinted or coloured, with possibilities of modulating heat and light transmission. From commercial, corporate and residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, labs and retail outlets creating partitions in their windows, walls and skylights, Electrochromic smart glasses can be used towards making smarter building for the betterment of the environment.

Electrochromic Smart Glass and Energy efficiency

Have ever imagined that windows are one of the most inefficient parts of a building as windows and glasses are responsible for heat loss and solar heat gain. In summer sunlight glare increases heat in a building and therefore increases the cooling load requirement. With ESG glasses, cooling loads of buildings can significantly reduce making savings on electricity. The ESG features create windows and skylights that switch from clear to dark as per the environment requirements. This reduces heat gain inside buildings as ESG prevents glare thus fading and heat gain is controlled without obstructing the view.

On another note heat loss in winter can also be controlled with ESG  which adapts itself to the salient features of the environment preventing heat loss and reducing dependency on electricity. Moreover, the lighting of the building can be comfortable and productive as per the requirement where external light can also be used. The dynamic feature of ESG enables to balance the systems requirements, such as the interior and/or exterior blinds and smaller HVAC systems, leading to increased conservation of materials and a reduced overall carbon footprint.

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