Electrical engineering system for energy performance assessment

September 27, 2018

An electrical system audit is your first step in reducing energy expenses. When you review utility bills, do you see penalties or charges that concern you? As an example, an audit could show how efficiently your system operates and help you identify areas for improvement. Through an audit, you might find that upgrading certain pieces of equipment can reduce energy usage and pay for itself quickly. Changing equipment could increase electrical efficiency and keep you from incurring stiff monthly penalties from your utility provider. Significant changes might result in improved rate structures from your utility.

Requirements for energy certification of buildings

Energy audits and energy performance certification of buildings dominantly contribute to an increase in energy efficiency of buildings, and this through reduced use of energy and environmental protection. The need to ensure adequate quality of energy audits and energy certificates for buildings has resulted in development of a new profile of experts vested with highly specific competencies. An overview of requirements set for experts conducting energy audits and energy certification of buildings, compliant with European directives, is given. Conclusions reached on some European projects, and solutions applied in the Republic of Croatia, are also presented.
Electrical engineering system for energy performance assessment audit

Most people cringe when they hear the word “audit” because it’s a process associated with finding fault and uncovering hidden problems. It’s understandable that the idea of an audit triggers fear — no one wants to be associated with problems. Audits aren’t as intimidating as they sound. In fact, an audit is a necessary tool for you to assess things like plant operations, worker safety and plant documentation.

  • The adequacy of the circuit breakers and fuses to safely and reliability clear any faults that may develop on the
  • The ability of the electrical protective devices to properly protect the effective equipment from damage and minimize the chance of false trips causing unnecessary interruptions to production.
  • The ability of the electrical protective devices to provide selective tripping. • Compliance with the National Electrical Code and other relevant regulations.
  • Visual verification of proper grounding practices

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