Reinventing the water future with Smart Water Infrastructures

February 16, 2018

Today we are living in a world where technology is helping different sectors to be more profitable and efficient, so why not the water infrastructure. Water network is no more the traditional way of only installing pipes that provide water but rather, today we talk about Smart Water Network embedded with Internet of Things sensors. For an efficient water distribution network, smart water infrastructure is the option. It entails a reliable delivery network at a lower cost, benefiting both operators and consumers.

About Smart Water Network

  • Integrated set of products
  • enable utilities to remotely and continuously monitor
  • diagnose problems, prioritise and manage maintenance issues
  • use data to optimise all aspects of the water distribution network

The smart water network takes advantage of real-time data, from pumps, tanks, valves and other vital distribution network points, to automate process control and support real-time operations decisions as needed. It operates with an information management system with open channels that also makes operations data available accurately, securely and in a timely manner to business processes across the utility.

IoT device helps to manage and plan the usage of water turning the existing static network of water pipes and pumps into adaptive and connected networks that provide huge benefits towards efficient water management.

Integrating IoT for Smart Water Network

  • Smart sensor nodes
  • Smart sensor nodes mobile sensing platforms
  • Provides information for Improving cost-effectiveness of water treatment processes
  • Ensuring safe, secure delivery to end users
  • IoT-enabled smart water meters help reducing water loss and support water conservation
  • Water leakage detection
  • More efficient systemic water management
  • Water quality and safety monitoring
  • Quality control on water reserves
  • Transparency on consumption
  • Preventive maintenance on infrastructure

Success Stories

Smart Water in Shenzhen: Shenzhen Water, China Telecom, Ningbo Water Meter, and Huawei jointly launched the world’s first commercial NB-IoT-based Smart Meter Reading project. 50,000 water meters have been deployed as of October 2017, and 500,000 water meters are expected to be deployed by 2020.

Smart Water in Yingtan: By October 2017, Huawei, together with Sanchuan Water Meter, had already released 20,000 NB-IoT smart water meters and achieved an online rate of 99.2%. They are expected to deploy 100,000 water meters in 2018.


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