Smart premises management on a unified platform, EC3 is the option

July 27, 2018

A unified platform bringing together different controls under one umbrella ushering in a new phase of smart premises management in Mauritius. A unique centre which controls and integrates all existing and future technologies that would be required in any premises, from large-scale real estate to smart city projects, EC3 is the reference. Making all available data useful optimising maximum efficiency of your premises with up most business sustainability etiquettes, it is what EC3 proposes you. DigiConsult uses intelligent technologies and its ability to achieve integration and control of all clients’ assets, from Energy, Security, Water, Sensor and others.

The Enterprise Command & Control Centre (EC3) is now ready to shape the future

A single figure alone cannot tell you much and much conclusion cannot be made from a single data. However, when data analytics is applied connecting different data metrics together, instant and efficient decision can be made for premises management. Enterprise Command & Control Centre (EC3) is one of the largest and most modern control centres in the world. What sets it apart is the use of intelligent technologies and its ability to achieve integration and control of all means. It has been specially developed to integrate different control centres, with information on a single window for efficient and instant decision making. Different premises, from real estate, hotels, malls to smart cities, an EC3 platform adaptable to each project requirement can be set up. To achieve leadership and excellence by managing all your systems the integrated platform will contribute mainly in the management and maintenance of resources for long sustainability and efficiency.

Imagine a dashboard tracking different information metrics and bring them on a single platform where the figures can spell you intelligent decision strategy for the efficient management of your premises. When you think of efficiency in premises, the first click relates to energy efficiency and Air conditioning devices capture a lot of energy. If you are able to get details in real time about the functioning of all your AC (Air conditioning) equipment in your premises and whether an AC  is malfunctioning or one can be switched off or any other decision, the EC3 is the reference to let make a sustainable and efficient decision instantly.

The Architecture of an Enterprise Command & Control Center (EC3)

A platform where you get access within a single window, a myriad information metrics which will be used intelligently to manage proactive and reactive issues that affect business services and operations, technology tools and the infrastructure elements that interact with and comprise IT services for the enterprise. A platform which integrates different information sources from various IT stakeholders and turns this information meaningful with access to real-time information.

EC3 is a framework that brings together these elements and enables the enterprise to consolidate management across their infrastructure, tool sets, IT teams and stakeholders.

  • Business Units. As enterprise IT teams evolve to serve as internal IT service providers to their business units, a command centre provides the platform to deliver and optimise these services in a multi-tenant way.
  • IT and Application Services Teams. Whether enterprise IT is organized by technology towers, service categories or applications, multiple “tower” teams need to collaborate and have a consolidated view across their infrastructure to move fast enough to meet the needs of today’s business. The enterprise command centre provides the platform that teams can leverage to coordinate response and share common services.
  • Tools Stack. Enterprises will have multiple IT operations tools in their stack, including IT service management (ITSM) tools and technology- or application-specific monitoring point tools. The command centre integrates this myriad of tools into a single framework that leverages (Application Program Interface) APIs and automation to consolidate alerts, events and metrics across tools to provide the right insights to drive action.
  • IT Infrastructure. EC3 has line of sight to all infrastructure, cloud and application elements that are used across the enterprise IT environment. The technologies may or may not be directly owned or managed by central IT, but is part of the integrated framework to provide enterprise-wide visibility.

Use case of a successful EC3 platform in operation

This includes the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, Taxis and Traffic Systems Control Centres. (EC3) is fully equipped to manage mobility; to tackle various transportation challenges of the Emirate, and to meet the requirements of hosting Expo 2020. In addition to collecting and analysing all the data gathered in real time, the EC3 also ensures that emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and others will allow the smart-cities to speed up the response time to its users.

As applications and infrastructure change dynamically, an EC3 will automatically deliver visibility into what is happening in the IT environment of your premises. Are you an existing premise or planning a new construction, DigiConsult brings you a tailor-made solution adaptable to your premises irrelevant of the sector you operate. With latest technologies application; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, we promise you an efficient sustainable enterprise decision making. Contact us on +230 2331636


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