Solid State Circuit Breakers more than just a breaker; power is smartly controlled and exponentially safer

June 20, 2019

Circuit breakers manage the flow of electricity and protect us from the immense hazards of surging electrical currents. The modern world has outgrown the risks and constraints of traditional circuit breakers. Unlock a future where power is smartly controlled and exponentially safer.  In response to enhanced electric installation, a Solid State Circuit Breaker provides high reliability and full range of protections.

Soli State Circuit Breaker

The solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB) is a device used in the power system in order to provide protection when a short circuit or fault current occurs. SSCB is controlled through the current/time characteristics of that used in the conventional mechanical circuit breakers, in addition, to limit the high fault current levels (fault current limiter) especially with the proliferation of the distributed generation and the associated fault current level increase.

In order to achieve the safety, high availability, and high power quality of the system when a short circuit or an overload occurs, SSCBs have been proposed to keep the system limitations in a lower distribution level. The SSCB  is a circuit breaker with solid state devices connected in the circuit, in order to protect the power system components abnormal operating condition.The SSCB is a new technology that can be used to implement various functions and to offer several advantages as:
– Limiting the fault current
– For different voltage and current levels, stacking the appropriate module numbersto perform the appropriate
– If any problem happened to one of the modules in the SSCB, the broken one can be replaced by a spare module, rather than replacing the whole circuit breaker in the complete switch.Therefore, the maintenance and testing of the circuit will be simplified with less time wasting
– SSCB is a device with no arcing and switch bounce
– SSCB offers a higher reliability
– SSCB can switch in a range of microseconds, as opposed to millisecond for the mechanical circuit breaker
– For a lower voltage level, the individual modules used are small that will makethe design of SSCBsimple.

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