Achieving Energy Efficiency of your premises with an EC3 dashboard offering enormous possibilities

August 24, 2018

Enterprise Command and Control (EC3) platform tailor-made for large premises setups by DigiConsult, a unique offering for the property sector in Mauritius and beyond. It addresses energy challenges in an automated manner and delivers intelligent controls with the predictive and preventive maintenance of electrically-driven assets. It gives real-time updates if an air conditioner or other device is malfunctioning/consuming more electricity, and is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and helping your premises to be energy efficient and more, so reducing the electricity consumption and cost of your premises.

Opting for an EC3 platform for live data

With an executive dashboard at your disposal displaying your daily energy consumption data along with your premises occupants detailed breakdown, covering every corner using energy in real-time, offers you myriad opportunities to reach optimum energy efficiency.

If in real time you can figure out a faulty issue in your Air Conditioning, the issue can be resolved on the spot, this reduces the surplus energy that the device would have consumed if the fault was to be discovered in hours or days after. Therefore prompting such alerts by the EC3 dashboard in real time has a significant impact on your electricity bill. This also ascribes your premises to green initiatives etiquettes along with sustainable benefits.

The dashboard offers a multitude analytics data and key metrics ranging from monthly consumption, seasonality, average daily and the list goes long depending on your premises size and areas of operations.

Real-Time energy monitoring; the roadmap towards energy efficiency

More sophisticated real-time and minute-level monitoring are key to provide a comprehensive view of the electricity spent within an infrastructure, as they allow fine-grained understanding of how your devices are currently performing and how it is expected to behave in the near future based on historical data.

  • Monitoring anomalies
  • Electrical meters provide measurements of consumption for most electrical components of premises; with the right data sets, intelligent software can go one step further and uncover what physical measurements will not tell you. Load demand periodicity, deviation from operational baseline and expected behaviour, signs of equipment failure, accurate Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) variations and other key performance metrics are examples of insights that will be invaluable when deciding to balance processes and energy.
  • Making smart energy decisions based on conditions in the past is difficult and expensive, given that energy has been wasted for the entirety of the reactive period. Real-time monitoring allows Facilities managers to better manage and analyse the vast amount of data being gathered from their buildings and point out where inefficiencies are occurring – shortening the reactive period significantly and saving significant amounts of energy.
  • Identifying recurring patterns and correlations – Another category of data analysis enabled by high-sampling metering is that of non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM). NILM systems are designed to monitor the current and voltage waveforms of an electrical measurement to estimate, in software, nature and energy consumption of electrical components switching on and off on that specific circuit. Correlating real-time variations of the servers’ overall load demand with measurements of the servers’ individual computing power levels provides essential information for software load monitoring.
  • Single source of truth: Energy management is relevant to many departments as the latter have their own priorities. With many parties involved, you risk miscommunication, redundant work, and conflicting information. With EC3, there is a single dashboard.
  • Engage Occupants and Facilities Technicians: Facilities technicians can be taught how to use a web-based dashboard that provides energy data in intervals, immediately identifies deviations from normal usage patterns, and tracks low-cost energy saving measures through its “communicator” tool. Access to interval data will help the technicians having a better understanding of how energy is used, and problematic areas are revealed and can be resolved more quickly. The immediate feedback loop will allow Facilities technicians to identify trends, respond quickly to equipment malfunction alerts, make changes, and see impacts in real-time, resulting in optimal energy savings.
  • Using data available in real time enables Facilities managers to adjust HVAC, lighting, electrical distribution systems and other systems based on information gleaned from the system. Users can, at a glance, see system-level inefficiencies and pivot operations quickly to optimise energy use. This can help ensure that real-time adjustments of the systems are having the desired effect and help further influence behavioural changes over time. The data is presented in a way that’s easy-to-use and digest through interactive graphs, visualisation charts, modules and comparisons, helping Facilities managers avoid data overload.

As applications and infrastructure change dynamically, an EC3 will automatically deliver visibility into what is happening in the IT environment of your premises. Are you an existing premise or planning a new construction, DigiConsult brings you a tailor-made solution adaptable to your premises irrelevant of the sector you operate. With latest technologies application; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, we promise you an efficient sustainable enterprise decision making. Contact us on +230 2331636


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