Drones in Construction; An Aerial View of the Future

August 16, 2018

Drones are an innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics, provide a visual progress report, and allow worksite managers to track, map, survey, and manage projects easily. Plenty of construction professionals have already chosen Drone to take their projects (and efficiencies!) to the next level. It is your turn to take the leap and reap the valuable benefits with aerial image capabilities as a useful tool for successful construction companies.

Drones in construction

Industries ranging from agriculture to entertainment and media are taking full advantage of the benefits drones offer. One of the most rapidly growing sectors is infrastructure development which includes construction. With technology developing faster than ever, building sites of the future are likely to look very different to today. Drones have successfully been used to provide an objective view of a site’s development, which is particularly useful when disputes arise regarding a timescale not being met. Construction contractors see valuable benefits from using of drones into their business.For builders, an aerial view made possible with a drone allows them to better develop work plans, track progress and monitor and check for problems along the way. Drones are, after all, cheaper than flying manned aircraft.

The Valuable benefits of Drones in construction:

  1. Marketing and Sales – Marketing and sales for construction companies require the use of photos and images. Getting aerial images required most contractors to hire an aerial photo company to take shots of a finished project. Drones allow contractors to take pictures of projects that are both finished and in progress.  These images are then incorporated into the company website or other marketing materials. Contractors can also take pictures of projects they are submitting proposals to show a different perspective for their client.
  2. Project Management – Professional sports have used game films for years to analyze how teams move on the field. Contractors can use drones for similar purposes. Roofing contractors can see how their projects are set up and how their teams run during projects. General contractors can analyze how their resources are moving on the entire construction site. Opportunities for changes are realized by analyzing different perspectives.
  3. Project Assessment – Successful projects start by analyzing construction sites before the work begins. Looking at projects from the actual surface of the project is one perspective. Reviewing the project from an aerial perspective may open up new insights. The new knowledge can generate new ideas of how to manage a project right from the outset.
  4. Estimating – All good projects begin with a quality estimate. Contractors look for different solutions on projects that can help them be competitive. Estimators overlook these advantages when they have limited perspectives. The use of drones can give estimators a different look at a project. They increase their chances of bidding more accurately and more competitively.
  5. Due Diligence and Evaluations – There are a lot of times when contractors cannot check for problems in a safe manner. This is particularly true with exterior contractors. Roofing contractors, masonry contractors, and others may need to access difficult areas to determine the source of a problem. This may require extensive setup to access these areas. Drones may allow these contractors to access these areas effectively to get the answers they need.
  6. Aerial Infrared Scanning – Technology continues to march forward at a rapid rate. New infrared technology has been developed that will allow operators to complete infrared scans of buildings and structures using a UAV drone. The drone is equipped with an infrared camera capable of taking infrared images of the target.


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