Making data on your premises meaningful with an EC3 platform powered by Big Data analytics

August 9, 2018

Smart Cities and real estate premises have a huge bank of data, which are not being intelligently deployed. At DigiConsult, with its EC3 platform proposition, a unique and consolidated approach of integrating existing and future technologies of your premises ingesting data from nearly any source in real-time is an opportunity to use data intelligently. An EC3 dashboard connecting all data available on your premises on a single screen in real-time creates possibilities to deploy the data into meaningful metrics to render premises more efficient and in making informed decisions in a timely manner.

Ingesting Data from Nearly Any Source in the Real-Time by EC3

Within these mountains of log data lie valuable information that can dramatically improve your business performance. The EC3 platform powered by Data Analytics provides timely and actionable insights, derived from log data, which not only helps solve operational, security and compliance challenges but also provides critical business information.

In a shopping mall, an EC3 platform can provide the owner and other operational teams with live information / figures about the energy usage, waste generated, asset management, tenants’ details, marketing, green initiatives, security and allied systems and other associated matters with more adds-on as per the client’s specific requirements. An intelligent management information tool of your premises will elevate the level of efficiency with sustainable business etiquettes and better decision-making with instant response capabilities.

In an era of continual technological innovation, property owners should not be missing the opportunity to adopt Property Technology “PropTech”. Real Estate projects and anything related to premises should consider operations-related intelligence to achieve long-term sustainability throughout the building/asset lifecycle To make it happen, an EC3 dashboard is the first step in achieving operational efficiency and the data available on the dashboard have myriad usage possibilities. What sets it apart is the use of intelligent technologies and its ability to achieve integration and management of the clients’ assets and the services provided – utilities, security systems, fire-protection systems, public health systems, and field devices from other systems.

In addition to collecting and analyzing the data gathered in real time, EC3 also ensures that emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, and others will allow Smart Cities, real estates, and other premises to speed up the response time to its users and more so, enhance the quality of decisions taken through the correlation of data from various systems.

Benefits and Advantages of EC3

Transformation of what previously was just a massive collection of raw data into manageable operational insights, can have a direct impact on business performance with an EC3 platform.

  • Provide an early warning about problems in premises and infrastructure
  • Illuminate root causes of network or system failure
  • Enable early discovery of security breaches and compliance issues
  • Provide insights into application metrics and behaviours, and many more

Better uptime through dramatically faster issue resolution: Real-time Interactive Analytics enables enterprises to accelerate troubleshooting and root cause analysis. For example, the ability to find that a new exception has occurred 100 times in the last 2 minutes among hundreds of thousands of other uninteresting operational log lines lets you identify and solve the issue as soon as it starts occurring.

Higher productivity through better infrastructure operation: Uncover deeply hidden problems causing infrastructure failures. As an example, identifying a specific router configuration change that is causing applications to experience failures, in turn causing hundreds of end users to sound an alarm enables you to focus on the actual problem rather than chasing down countless dead-ends.

Better products through deeper application analytics: Enable enterprises to gain a richer perspective of application behaviour. The ability to gain instant insights into how a new feature is performing, what the customer adoption of that feature is, and if there are any unforeseen issues with that feature enables you to better understand how your products resonate with your customers. Development, marketing, and sales teams within the enterprises can leverage this insight and build better products, market them more effectively, and have more efficient sales.

Better brand through better security and compliance posture: Real-time Security enables security teams to more quickly and precisely uncover security issues before they cause damage.  The ability to detect a deviation in a behaviour of a user or a system can shine a light on a compromised user account or a server owned by malware that is about to spread. Detecting and acting on security and compliance issues could mean a difference between public image/reputational risk degradation and a stable, trusted brand.

Competitive business through easier adoption of new computing paradigms: Data can be collected and analysed from physical or virtual infrastructure within on-premise data centers. The ability to have the same level of visibility, no matter where the infrastructure lies, enables companies to leverage new computing paradigms, lower their costs, and gain business agility.

Better management of resources: The dashboard provides you with data about energy usage and patterns; you can have insight about the premises energy consumption on a daily basis or a detailed analysis about the hourly energy consumption trends of the different premises’ occupants. If a device is malfunctioning, the analysis can prompt out defects/failures. The same applies to waste management and water management and other utility services.

Better maintenance of equipment: All your plant and equipment and other assets’ maintenance can be easily tracked for faults and future servicing requirements. Failures of equipment can be minimized, rendering your premises up to quality standards and matching customers’ and markets’ requirements and thus uplifting your brand level.

The data processing and correlation feature that an EC3 platform offers can be used as per your requirements to achieve operational efficiency together with sustainable business. As applications and infrastructure change dynamically, an EC3 platform will automatically deliver visibility into what is happening in the IT environment of your premises.

Are you an existing premise or planning a new construction, DigiConsult brings you a tailor-made solution adaptable to your premises irrelevant of the sector you operate. With latest technologies application; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, we promise you an efficient sustainable enterprise decision-making. Contact us on +230 2331636.


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