Capture full insights and control of your electricity system with an energy management system

July 11, 2019

Are you aiming to reduce your energy consumption together by increasing the reliability and predictability of your electrical system? You can do it smartly with an Energy Management System that let you perfectly get in control of your electrical system to optimize your energy usage. With a smart Energy Management System application, real-time data such as frequency, actual generation, tie-line load flows, and plant units’ controller status lets make an intelligent decision about your electrical system.

 About Energy Management System

Managing your electrical system to maintain the frequency of a Power Distribution System and keeping tie-line power close to the scheduled values along with many other possibilities, are the offering that an energy management system provides you. To be in your set parameters and fluctuating load demands for the perfect functioning of your electrical network along with optimizing your energy system can now be possible with the reliable time data that is available with an application accompanied by an energy management system.

 The smart features accompanied by an energy management system for your electrical system:

  •  Economic Dispatch Analysis

With possibilities to automate, manage and schedule your power system, Economic Dispatch software (ED) allocates generation changes of a power system. This helps to reach optimal electrical system operation in order to meet power requirements, steam requirements, and minimize fuel cost per generator. With advanced optimal power flow algorithms, Generation levels of individual units are calculated and dispatched in order to meet the load demand at minimal costs. 

  •   Unit Commitment

Unit commitment is about the precision which generators should be started\stopped to meet defined objectives. Minimizing operation cost and improve the lifetime of the generation unit is possible as the load is forecasted in the system and determine the operating schedule for each of the units hourly taking into account startup.

  •       Interchange Scheduling Analysis

Interchange Scheduling (IS) helps in scheduling energy transfer. Financial tracking of energy transaction is possible and dedicated electricity power exchange and scheduling, Interchange Scheduling incorporates energy scheduling, transaction management, and energy cost analysis and reporting.

The add-in benefits for your organization with an Energy Management System

  •         Helps in cost reduction as you will be only charged for what you use.
  • Reduces risk as energy is always under control, there are no excess loads that will prompt short circuits.
  •    When energy is perfectly under control, there is no misuse that will create waste but instead, the dependency on the use of rare fossil fuels is highly reduced. 
  •         Reduces organisations carbon footprint as using energy management system carbon emissions.
  •         Value the importance of energy for our sustainability and treat our clients as our assets and work to offer innovate and unique energy management services to them. For more information contact us now. 






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