Enabling an intelligent, data driven and people centric smart city with an EC3 command

September 13, 2018

Enterprise Command and Control Center (EC3) is the technology and expertise that turns noise into information, information into intelligence, and intelligence into safety that sets the solutions apart. Transforming the way you respond, simplifying your operation, and allow you to more effectively focus on your mission – keeping your city safe and allowing your community to thrive your vision and deliver benefits in citizen satisfaction, safety, economic development, and sustainability is the proposal package offerings of an EC3 for Smart City.

Why opting for an EC3 platform for Smart Cities

The Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC3) is a multi-modal, multi-agency hub that enables the control of all systems in smart cities operations. Communicating with other city systems such as early warning systems, emergency response forces, utilities (energy, water, sewage and gas systems), transportation, city surveillance, citizen engagement platform. As we steadily transition to the digital world, we will increasingly expect the same of our cities.

To continue to flourish, cities will need to address and manage not just population growth but also challenges relating to safety, traffic, pollution, commerce, culture, and economic growth, among others. Adding to the challenge is the fact that, quite often, the bulk of municipal budgets are already committed to ongoing programs; city administrators thus have to balance these new requirements while trying to optimise budgets and resource allocation, and still meet citizen needs and requirements. Cities will also have to manage the expectations of their occupants (i.e. citizens, residents, visitors and businesses), which are also changing. They expect to have more transparency and openness from governments, access to services, and more importantly, the ability to engage with government by providing feedback on services, decisions, and laws.

The added value of an EC3 platform for Smart cities

  • Connectivity: This layer encompasses all the types of connectivity such as cellular (3G, 4G, 5G), WiFi, Bluetooth, sensors, collectors, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in general. These can be owned by private or public operators, municipalities, or different government entities- local or federal ones. An EC3 platform connectivity infrastructure enables access to systems and allows cities to capture and respond to data effectively.
  • Operations: Given the amount of data that is being generated and gathered, an EC3 ensures that the data is stored in a common repository and is easily accessed across various departments and applications.
  • Analytics: Cities are able to take all the data that has been collected and turn it into valuable insights and actions. At this point, cities will be leveraging solutions that enable them to structure and analyze the data. Increasingly, cities are turning to Big Data analytics that enable them to analyze all types of data — structured, semi-structured, and unstructured — in near real time. Through the use of predictive analytics, smart cities can implement prescriptive actions for the optimal allocation of resources.
  • Applications: At this level, cities implement various industry specific and horizontal applications that allow for data input, capture, and collection across various platforms such as online services, mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets), sensors, and cars. This part will also allow for users to have a seamless experience by implementing applications that will be able to integrate services from various entities, improving overall efficiency. Governments, for example, will be able to deploy a single application that will provide users access to functions from various departments, instead of having separate and disparate systems. These applications will also be able to provide “contextual” information (i.e., users will be able to gain insights on how they compare to other users within the city).



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