Opting for a collaborative IoT platform to enhance value across your building ecosystem

September 7, 2018

Today’s organisations need real-time access to actionable information so they can make smarter decisions about how their buildings are run, to create more productive, agile, collaborative working environments. Opt for an open collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) platform for smart buildings that delivers significantly enhanced value across the building ecosystem backed by digital technology and solutions meeting the requirements of building owners, real estate developers, system integrators, facility managers and building occupants. DigiConsult helps you in your digital transformation journey through a collaborative IoT platform, to enhance value across your building ecosystem.

Innovation to take building operational efficiency to the next level

A collaborative IoT platform helps to extract and enhance efficiency, not only energy efficiency but integration, operational and engineering efficiency. The platform also enhances Comfort and productivity of building occupants, which is key to hiring and retaining talent. Moreover, because IoT Building is scalable and future-ready with its IP capabilities, it helps building owners and developers to increase the value of their real estate for the long term.

  • Smart Connector framework for creating new system and app functionality
  • Enterprise Central allows for 10x more scalability to easily execute site expansions
  • Mobile commissioning, engineering efficiencies, and development applications for speed, repeatability and consistency

The elements a collaborative  IoT platform include:

  • Building Advisor – A comprehensive service portfolio designed to improve occupant comfort and asset value while reducing operating costs. An integral part of the Building Advisor leverages expert field service engineers and remote data scientists to convert data into predictable, actionable insights, driving fewer complaints from occupants, a decrease in unscheduled maintenance and a significant  energy cost reduction.
  • Building Operations 2.0 is enhanced with best-in-class cybersecurity and delivers a customised native user experience through a responsive WebStation and mobile apps to engineer once, deploy-all-devices and provide mobile access on the go. An Enterprise Central supervisory server enhances monitoring and control capability for large and multi-site enterprises. The open, standards based platform using Smart Connector framework enables systems integrators to build innovative applications and offers actionable insights through simple to set-up reporting and dashboards. It also includes additional IP integrated offers for commercial buildings including:
  • Controllers and Living Space Sensors are next generation multipurpose field controllers and sensors that leverage industry standards and IP-based open protocols for an increase in engineering efficiency and faster commissioning leveraging the eCommission mobile app.







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