Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings dynamics to manufacturing

March 9, 2018

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings dynamics to manufacturing

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the application of IoT in the manufacturing industry with focus on the transfer and management of critical data and insights. Industries where IIoT is most predominant; energy, transportation, water and manufacturing with reliable propositions.

IIoT potentials in transforming operations and heading twowards  a connected system :

  • Real time visibility into quality and compliance data
  • Real time visibility into the status of all processes and manufacturing data
  • Automated alerts based on predefined conditions
  • Ability to schedule predictive maintenance of assets
  • Ability to connect manufacturing data with IoT data

Possibilities offer when implementing IIoT

Digitalisation – Connecting processes, people and systems, to increase integration of technology in the  operational channel leading to higher productivity and less faults. The combination of these factors leads to industrial transformation for an automated and streamline manufacturing process

Flexibility – Irrespective of size manufacturer can install control and manufacturing applications from a centralized platform.

Operational Intelligence – For an optimal view in operations, data can be retrieved from various systems for better decision-making leading to higher operational performance.

Predictive Analytics – Automated business information for improved product quality and predictive asset maintenance before the breakdown occurs.

Scalability – Manufacturers need to understand the value proposition. Strategic IIoT demands that manufacturers take a fresh look at scalable manufacturing and apply it to the production process to optimise the overall cost.

Field Service Management – Ability to locate technicians for tasks as per requirements, such as availability, skills, and location. The technician gets real time detail reports of faults and reaches the factory with appropriate tools and parts.


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