Internet of Things powered by KNX for new development boost

April 4, 2018

The hot topic of today, it is “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Smart Homes”. KNX association has recently launched IoT solutions, bringing the latest innovations. IoT is the new development boost in connecting KNX Ecosystem to the Internet. KNX now has embedded IoT protocols. Interesting possibilities of KNX IoT revolves around the compatibility of the devices and the possibility to communicate with each other.

Internet of Things at KNX

KNX IoT comes with an additional proprietary, an automation solutions making it possible to exchange data between the installed components. Different manufacturing components can communicate with each other through the Internet, creating a more connected and integrated system. To ensure compatibility in the changing IoT world, leveraging standards ensures that the value of KNX products is increased and provide long-term support. KNX has the advantage of a large KNX install base, which allows drawing on a wealth of experience that will help successfully extending the KNX integration into the Internet of Things.

From KNX city to IoT city Interconnected properties

Expendability with existing framework:  The latest KNX IoT city is an extendable IPv6 compliant physical media extending its distributed reliable interoperability up to cloud. KNX solution will be extendable with multiple IPv6 compliant physical media, on the other hand how KNX plans to extend its distributed reliable interoperability up to the cloud.All of this taking into account the results of the joint work.

KNX Secure panels: From a concept to reality, KNX solution presents the first available KNX Secure devices, which is unrivalled in the world of smart homes and smart buildings. Both KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure set up a protecting RF/TP networks, also communication between KNXnet/IP devices, for a protection across the board.

The KNX RF panel: KNX RF combines all of these features and makes them available to you! The KNX RF Panel impressively demonstrates a selection of available KNX RF devices, which will turn your home into a smart home without the need for additional cabling.

KNX IoT; a Secure IoT Building Automation Platform

The KNX IoT city is the results of the jointly elaborated work towards a common unique and secure building automation IoT framework serving the needs of multiple building automation solutions.

The solution KNX IoT

  • Realised via gateways between the KNX network and the world of internet, on one side operation panels, building management, smartphone and others communicate via web services with the gateway. Thus, the app of a web client is able to search data in the web service gateway with unified text telegrams and to transfer them.
  • By KNX IoT, the smart home comes closer to the virtual world of the internet. It becomes simpler to use data thereof for automated functions, to present values and states of a KNX installation via the internet and to evaluate them. Sensor values and consumption data of energy usage can help to optimise the energy management.
  • KNX IoT city can serve to extend classic KNX installations with a field bus IPv6 network, allowing constrained devices to exchange KNX standardised data on the Thread wireless mesh network, behind the Thread border router making the connection to the KNX classic world.
  • Unified and suitable set of IEEE specifications to allow all future IP based building automation products to share a common secure IPv6 compliant infrastructure. In this way, building automation products integrated into IP networks by mechanisms familiar to the IT administrator.


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