Experiencing the next level of revolution in the construction space with 3D modelling for MEP services

March 29, 2018

The construction environment is becoming more dynamic with technology add-ins, making this industry highly competitive. The Mechanical, Electrical and Piping systems (MEP) services have to keep in the beat with tech revolution, as this represents a big weight in a building project. 3D modelling in the MEP service can contribute to elevating the offerings and efficiency level along with more benefits to explore. The coordination between owners, architects and engineers can be more optimised in a common communication platform throughout the construction project.

About MEP in construction

MEP modelling creates mechanical, electrical and piping systems in a building model. MEP services in a building are one of the most important engineering services that are required for building projects. Before executing the construction projects, MEP services need to provide detailed layouts of different components. This where 3D modelling step in by generating effective live models that contain precise information and clarity about each an every component, including the materials and tools being involved and much more specifications.

What can 3D modelling offer to MEP services?

MEP Modeller can help building engineers and architects to create a more detailed building model with ductworks and other MEP systems modelled in 3D model, in order to achieve a better coordination between building engineers and architects.

  • Improved coordination of services – through the production of a virtual model
  • Early identification and rectification of coordination issues, resulting in the reduction of installation time and costs
  • Reduces waste and man-hours by reducing on-site modifications/variations
  • Supports the manufacturing and fabrication processes through the integration of manufacturing, estimating and scheduling technology
  • Improves quality: With precise and accurate visuals, early detection of possible faults can enhance building services
  • Increases productivity: ¬†visualise component in 3D at the initial stage itself with changes to be instantly eliminating the need to revisit the design at a later stage
  • Easy documentation: ¬†The entire process of documenting component designs easy, as it comes preloaded with flexible documentation options
  • Automatic redrawing of design: ¬†Automatically redraws lines and dashes of the parts hidden from other parts of the design.
  • Better visualisation for clients: components can be animated and the working can be observed. Visual graphics helps the customer understand the features and properties of the component better.
  • Saving of data and drawings: The designs created can be saved for future reference with already some standard components for future designs creation
  • Multiplicity in the MEP Modelling toolbox: Transitions, junctions and inline elements are easily connected to MEP components with each other.

Enhance coordination among building trades

Realising the benefits that prefabricated and off-site manufacturing brings to a construction project. An early coordination in the process helps MEP contractors and engineers to maximise efficiency, by deploying the fastest and safest path to integrated construction processes. The construction project can be fully coordinated with 3D MEP services models enabling the professional and construction team to validate, optimise and coordinate design information within a virtual environment.


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